Write better DocBook XML and XSLT code

Currently v0.7.x· GitHub Project · Git Repository · Created by Thomas Schraitle


The DoCookBook project aims to create an open source book about DocBook and the DocBook XSL stylesheets written in a cookbook style and released under a Creative Commons license.


If you are interested in the source code, clone it with Git :

git clone

Or visit the code repository on GitHub.


Do you want to write me some praise? Critism? Found an error or would like to give me some new ideas? Select one of the following methods:

Made for DocBook 5

Designed from scratch to support DocBook 5.

Cookbook Style

Read a problem and find easy to follow solution with helpful discussions.

Built with Procedures

Enjoy step-by-step instruction to follow the solution easily.

XML Source Available

Clone the source code from the GitHub repository at Sourceforge.

Ready for Developers

Helps DocBook developers to quickly understand the problem with explanation and code.

Lots of Examples

Learn from commented examples, easy to follow and ready to download with just a mouse click.

Easiness Indicator

Let you guide the easiness of a topic with our three star marker.

Different Formats

Download whatever format you prefer, be it XHTML, PDF, or EPUB.

CC License

Released under the terms of Creative Commons, see also License.

For all Platforms

Useful for all users, regardless of your operating system.

I discovered your project via web search and found it very useful.

Very interesting project, I'll include it into my Blog roll!

Very nice one!!!


Thanks to Norman Walsh, Robert Stayton, all the developers, and the friendly people on the DocBook mailinglists.

A HUGE thanks goes to all people who helped me with proofreading, praise, feedback, or discussions.

Thank you! for B Bootstrap (created by @mdo, @fat, and maintained by the core team), Font Awesome (created by Dave Gandy), the Exo 2 font (created by Natanael Gama), Piwik, Linux, and all the other great open source projects.